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Learn about StoryAidHelp by clicking the tabs below to learn about each part of our organization

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What is StoryAidHelp?

StoryAidHelp is an organization that tries to help kids and teenagers with their life struggles and giving them resources to get extended help. We are trying to give kids and teenagers opportunities that they might not have had in their childhood.

StoryAidHelp has three missions

Mission 1: Sharing Stories

Mission 2: Spreading Awareness

Mission 3: Sharing Mission

Click on the tabs to learn about each mission and how you can help.

Volunteer Opportunities Invite

We are looking for passionate people like teenagers ages 15+ to help and volunteer at StoryAidHelp. For more information about volunteering, please visit out volunteering opportunities page.

Here is the link to the page as well.

Based in The United States of America (USA)

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