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David Artz


My Remarks

Hello reader, my name is David Artz. I have the "Founder" of StoryAidHelp. I originally created StoryAidHelp to help people with hard "pre-life" stories. Hard stories that really impacted your life. Some questions I ask myself when I am thinking about "hard stories" are: Was I bullied?, Was I bullying someone else?, Was I living in a harsh household?, Why am I living? These questions makes you think back and truly reflect what truly impacted you as you were growing up. This is super important to me because, of course, most people know that this might include some trauma later in life. This info will give us an idea of where we can direct you to. My organization is a "company" that redirects you or the one that is affected to a good resource and make sure they are in good care. 

Thank you all SO much for supporting me and supporting the cause. Every child deserves to be loved and deserves to live in a healthy environment. They deserve to have the health care that other kids have. They deserve to have food on the table for them to eat. They deserve to have their stomach's full. Can you be their hero? Will you be the One?

We are so grateful to have you as a supporter and we are excited to see what the road ahead will lead us to. As we strive to help as many people as we can, you can help too by volunteering, sharing your story, sharing kindness to everyone. We can do this! If we want this we have to work for it and I can't wait to show not only our community, but every community that we can impact the lives of many and that you can help us complete the mission. You are the driving-force behind our mission and you are the reason why our mission is going to succeed. 

DIVERSITY PODCAST - This podcast was made to fulfill our mission of spreading awareness. We try to talk about bullying and choosing kindness. We want to share that it's perfectly fine to be different. It's who you are on the inside that matters the most. Do you have a good heart, do you wish good things on others, and how can I make this world better should be questions everyone asks themselves. This brings us forward. This shows that we are all equal and that we all are the same in more ways than others. Be that one.


Your unwavering dedication and commitment to our cause have left an indelible mark on the lives we touch.


Words cannot adequately convey the joy and pride I feel when reflecting on our shared journey. From our humble beginnings to the extraordinary projects and initiatives we have undertaken, your unwavering belief in our mission has been the catalyst for our success.


Your generosity, whether through volunteering your time or spreading awareness, has made a profound impact on those in need. Each act of kindness, no matter how small, has touched countless lives, and for that, we are eternally grateful.


Together, we have achieved significant milestones. We have witnessed firsthand the tangible results of our collective efforts. Lives have been transformed, hope has been restored, and communities have been empowered—all because of your steadfast support.


Your dedication to making the world a better place is truly inspiring. It fuels our passion and propels us to surpass our limitations. Your belief in our cause empowers us to overcome obstacles and create lasting change.


On behalf of the entire team and the individuals we serve, I want to express my deepest appreciation for your unwavering support. Your contributions, both big and small, have made an immeasurable difference and continue to be the bedrock of our organization's success.


As we move forward, we remain committed to our mission. With your ongoing support, we are confident that we can tackle any challenges that lie ahead and make an even greater impact on the lives of those in need.


Once again, thank you from the depths of my heart for your exceptional support, compassion, and dedication. You are the driving force behind our mission, and we are honored to have you as a vital member of our Organization.

I am thrilled to work with all my staff some listed on this website and some that are not. As a community let's grow the everlasting love and kindness to everyone around us. Bringing peace into the world can start with you. 


Founder of StoryAidHelp.


Contact me at anytime through this email! we are always happy to reply to anyone who emails us!

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